Precision with Power

Aculux precision recessed luminaires are the most powerful luminaires in its class, delivering an industry leading 22,000 CBCP from a 3 inch aperture and 3,200 lumens from a 4 inch aperture adjustable accent. The recessed adjustables, downlights and multiples feature precision geared aiming and field interchangeable optics. And the patented Tru-Line™ installation platform ensures perfect fixture-to-fixture alignment, giving the specifier the confidence that the integrity of their design will be maintained. When it comes to precision optics, aiming and installation, Aculux luminaires are spot-on and powerful in every way.


The Aculux product offering is suited for just about any industry, specifically for boutique retail, hospitality and high-end residential.


When setting the mood, and creating dramatic ambiance, Aculux Mainstream Dynamic luminaires are the perfect choice.


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What We Offer

We have a variety of high quality and easy to install products that are assembled in America.
Our products have a super quick turnaround time and areeasy to install.