Ultimate Elegance

Aculux 3-inch precision recessed luminaires feature a rare combination of lighting power, precision aiming and proprietary optics delivering quiet, best-in-class performance. A full range of downlighting, adjustable accent and wall wash applications create the kind of ambiance uncompromising designers and customers are seeking.

Next Level Illumination

With unmatched performance and features, the AX3 series from Aculux takes architectural precision lighting to a whole new level. Features such as optimized centerbeam optics, leading visual cutoff and adjustability let you visualize, execute and enhance the overall design. Small, low brightness apertures deliver pinpoint illumination, remaining discreet and aesthetically stunning while inconspicuous within the environment.


45º Visual Cutoff

Aculux precision downlights feature a deep source regression and maintain 45º visual cutoff to source and source image for superb brightness control creating a true quiet ceiling which offers dramatic visual impact for high contrast down & accent lighting.


Acu-Aim™ precision geared aiming provides 45° vertical adjustment and 370° horizontal rotation enabling you to highlight any visual point of interest.

Optimal Beam

With optimized striation-free center beam optics, the beam translates through the center of the aperture at the ceiling plane, reducing the amount of light on the trim and resulting in quiet, glare-free apertures.


The newly redesigned, Aculux asymmetric lensed wall wash is redefining wall washing by delivering exceptionally uniform, high levels of illumination while eliminating dark bands at the top of the wall and light spill onto the ceiling. The result is more dramatic illumination with greater design versatility to use fewer fixtures spaced further apart depending on the target illuminance level.


Tru-Line™ features patented Pro-VI™ bar hangers, coupled with patented ±½″ aperture translation and ±45° aperture rotation making perfect fixture-to-fixture alignment achievable.

Housing Options


    AX3 LED precision luminaires are available in 6 lumen packages ranging from 800-3000 lumens while consuming only 7-33 watts. These universal recessed luminaires compatible with downlighting, adjustable accent or wall wash trims. The luminaire features field interchangeable optics in 10 distributions, capable of delivering up to 31,000 CBCP.

    AX3 recessed remodel fixtures with round apertures are available in 3 lumen packages ranging from 800-1500 lumens. These universal recessed luminaires are compatible with downlighting, adjustable accent, or wall wash trims.

    The AX3 series also features a low-profile luminaire less than 4 inches tall and is available in five lumen packages ranging from 800-2500 delivered lumens. The luminaires are perfect for applications with limited space above the ceiling. These universal recessed luminaires are compatible with downlighting, adjustable accent, or wall wash trims.

    Options Unlimited

    Indisputably Stunning

    Aculux 3" luminaires offer the industry's broadest trim offering. They are available in an array of styles for round and square apertures ideally suited for downlighting, adjustable accent, or wall wash applications. The Aculux 3" trim family is available in flanged or flangeless for gypsum, stone, or tile ceilings.

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    AX3 3” Precision Recessed Luminaires


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